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Mystery Shopping with Marina Pavlovic - Your Internet Mileage May Vary - Mea culpa COVID appa

Episode Summary

CRTC Mystery Shopping Report and Internet Speed Reports critiqued. PIAC's COVID Alert app CRTC applications explained, again - because we weren't clear.

Episode Notes

We interview Marina Pavlovic, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa and member of its Centre for Law, Technology and Society about the CRTC's recent "mystery shop" of communications services in Canada. We also talk about another CRTC report claiming Canadians get all the speed they need from Internet services in Canada. And we fall on our own sword (sort of), explaining why we want CRTC to outline some rules for the COVID Alert app - because we want people to trust it cannot be misused, not that it should not be used.  Ah well.